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Paper Chez is Featured on The Sassy Bride!

May 11th, 2010

Paper Chez is featured on The Sassy Bride! We are extremely grateful for the amazing article that Larissa took the time to write. Her kind words made our day.

Here’s a snippet from the article.

“Paper Chez is a boutique studio that features high quality letterpress, chic designs, and outstanding customer service. Each invitation is crafted with the utmost care, and are placed on 100?% cotton creating a posh look and feel. With a strong influence of old world charm mixed with classic styles, Paper Chez also keeps up with the latest trends to deliver you fresh designs. Are you looking for something completely different and more personalized to fit your wedding? They also work one-on-one with brides to help create that perfect look for your big day! I strongly recommend checking out their site for more designs and inspiration!” Read the full article here.


Letterpress Wedding Invitation – Victorian Lace

April 16th, 2010

We are ecstatic to announce a brand new addition to our letterpress wedding collection. Our latest design, Victorian Lace has been months in the making and we could not be any more proud of the end product. Inspired by delicate lace patterns of the Victorian era, this invitation is for the hopeless romantic in every bride (and groom).

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Victorian Lace Letterpress Invitation

Victorian Lace Letterpress Invitation

Photos: Caroline Tran

Sylvia & Johnson’s Wedding Featured in The Knot!

January 27th, 2010

We are so happy to announce that one of our couples was featured in The Knot, Northern California. We designed their custom invitations last year for their gorgeous September wedding at San Jose City Hall. The early Autumn wedding was elegantly decorated in rich colors like ruby and gold. Way to go, Sylvia and Johnson!

The custom wedding invitation suite consisted of z-fold save-the-date cards, invitations, reply cards, and matching envelopes. The couple opted for the minimalist look which turned out amazing.


The couple’s names were blind stamped onto the invitation. We love how it turned out!

And here’s the spread from The Knot.


Wine Country Wedding

August 4th, 2009

We recently printed the Orchid invitation for Shannon and Todd’s August wedding in sunny Napa Valley. They couldn’t have chosen a better design for a simple and elegant wine country wedding. We created a custom map to accompany their wedding invitations. Shannon and Todd were the sweetest couple and we wish them a fabulous wedding and a happy marriage!

Orchid Letterpress Invitation

Orchid Letterpress Invitation

Orchid Letterpress Invitation

Orchid Letterpress Invitation

Monogram is Featured on LA Style Unveiled

June 8th, 2009

Our very own Monogram Letterpress Invitation is featured on LA Style Unveiled as part of a wedding theme inspiration board. The bride who designed it won a giveaway for pulling images from blogs and websites that inspired her wedding theme. We love the combination of ideas and themes that were actually inspired by the ‘Oh Henry’ candy bar!

We are flattered to be a part of the inspiration board and thank the bride for thinking of us.


Paper Chez is Featured on Wedding Chicks!

April 30th, 2009

Paper Chez’s latest article is featured on Wedding Chicks today. Thanks Jocey! The article is about 5 trendsetting ideas for fabulous wedding invitations. Check it out now on Wedding Chicks!


And here’s the full article:

Wedding Invitations: 5 Style Ideas

From couture envelopes to vintage patterns, here’s what’s hot in wedding invitations

Wedding invitations have come a long way from the traditional black writing on ecru paper. This season, designers are pushing the envelope with trendsetting designs and modern twists on old favorites. Wow your guests with extraordinary wedding invitations with these 5 style ideas.

The same trend that has been sweeping the world of design is now a staple in wedding stationery. The silhouette is simple and sleek but makes a powerful statement. What’s better? A solid silhouette paired with a delicate pattern provides a wonderful textural contrast.

Flora Letterpress Invitation

Flora Letterpress Invitation

Belly Bands
One of the easiest ways to add style to your invitation set is by incorporating a belly band. Not only can they add color and texture, belly bands are neat ways to keep your invitations and inserts tidy. For a cohesive look, adorn your belly bands with a personal monogram that is continued throughout your wedding décor.

Monogram Letterpress Invitation

Monogram Letterpress Invitation

Unexpected Color Combinations
This season, it’s all about colors — bright, bold, and unexpected. Many designers are pushing the envelope with unlikely color combinations. Try pairing plum with mustard yellow, tangerine with grey, or magenta with navy. The results are absolutely stunning.

Soiree Letterpress Invitation

Soiree Letterpress Invitation

Vintage styles are coming back in a big way. From intricate damask patterns to romantic scrolls and flourishes, invitation designers are obsessed with everything vintage. For a modern twist, opt for bold colors such as teal, emerald green, chocolate brown, and pink.

Damask Letterpress Invitation

Damask Letterpress Invitation

Dressed Up Envelopes
Let your invitees know that something special is on the inside by dressing up your envelopes. Introduce your wedding style with an elaborately designed envelope flap. For even more flair, line your envelopes with patterned prints in coordinating colors.


Letterpress for Less

April 18th, 2009

5 ways to keep the cost down on your letterpress wedding invitations

Many brides are absolutely in love with letterpress but are afraid of the higher price tags they usually come with. For style-conscious brides who are looking for letterpress invitations that won’t break the bank, there are many ways to keep the cost down (without sacrificing style). Here are five ways to shop for letterpress invitations on a budget.

1) 1-color designs
It is surprising how 1-color letterpress invitations can turn out to be as equally impressive as 2 or 3 color designs. Letterpress is a lot about texture and retains its rich, luxurious feel regardless of the number of colors. Colored envelopes or belly-bands can be used to brighten up and add contrast to the rest of the set.

Monogram Letterpress Invitation

Monogram Letterpress Invitation

2) Reply postcards
Reply postcards are a great way to save on costs and reduce bulk at the same time. Since there is no need for printed reply envelopes, the savings is substantial. Even better, a reply postcard requires less postage.

3) Unprinted envelopes
For brides who do not mind a little extra work, ordering unprinted envelopes is a huge cost savings. Instead of having your address letterpress printed onto the envelopes, you can handwrite your own address for a personal touch.

4) Mix and match
Just because you send out a letterpress invitation doesn’t mean that all of your wedding stationery need to be letterpressed. Since the invitation is a usually a keepsake, most brides prefer to only have their invitation set letterpressed and all other items digitally printed. This means that you would be paying a lot less for your place cards, escort cards, programs, menus, and more.

Custom Letterpress Invitation

Custom Letterpress Invitation

5) Quantity
With letterpress printing, the initial run is the most time consuming and therefore, costs the most. The larger your guest list, the more you save. For weddings with a large number of invitees, letterpress invitations can be surprisingly affordable.

Script Letterpress Invitation

Script Letterpress Invitation